Bamburgh BFest

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Let us introduce ourselves


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Bfest is organised by HospiceCare Northumberland and the funds raised go directly to this wonderful charity.

All the artists donate their time and expenses to be at the festival and support our charity.HC 21 Logo

We make every effort to keep all the costs down to the bare minimum and with the help or our sponsors we are able to maximise the amount of revenue from the sale of tickets that can be put back to our worthwhile cause.

Everyone involved is a volunteer and we are all committed to ensuring that our visitors have a great time and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

As with all events involving large numbers of people we ensure that the necessary first aid and marshals are available and identifiable and we take the responsibility of the running of the festival seriously so you don’t have to!

HospiceCare Clinical Team
Our Clinical Team


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Let’s talk of music, picnics and relaxing


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Bfest is a fantastic summer evening music festival that happens in the shadow (metaphorically speaking) of Bamburgh castle.

Guitar at Bamburgh BFestBFest is a celebration of a multitude of genres of music from classical through to rock and roll and many points in between.

Our aim is to give you a great summer evening, lounging on picnic blankets or sitting in deck chairs, enjoying your own picnic, listening to some cool sounds and watching the sun set on Bamburgh castle – perhaps with a glass of fizz or whatever tickles your fancy.picnic pix

We also have refreshments available in the form of a small bar and a coffee stall.

At BFest provide the venue, the music and the atmosphere, all you have to do is bring along the things you need to be comfortable and, if you want, your wicker baskets packed with delights.

There can be few better ways to pass a late summer evening.

We hope to see you at BFest in August.

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Last year we had a fantastic time – here are a few pictures of what we got up to!

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